Katherine Arnoldi

Advance Praise for The Amazing "True" Story of a Teenage Single Mom
(Hyperion, 1998)

"A wondrous, unforgettable, absolutely original book, one of the dearest books of my lifetime, transcending its form and transcendent in content. Seldom, seldom portrayed content, essential for our country's self-knowledge, for here, pulsing with life and passionate truth are the experiencings, the lives of millions of our girls growing into young womanhood."

----Tillie Olsen
"This little book is terrific; you'll be shocked, you'll cry, and you'll become more understanding of the realities of what young girls can face today."

------Jane Fonda
"Heartbreaking, brave, compassionate and close to the bone, Katherine Arnoldi's story is an amazing one."

-------Roz Chast
"Katherine Arnoldi's story is a story of real villains and heroes, no halfway-there people. It is a story of huge mother-love, not halfway-there. And all through it, the smile of a child that just melts you.

---------Carolyn Chute
This book is a wonderful little movie you can hold in your hand. Arnoldi draws as well as she writes. and like the best memoriists, gets beyond the facts to the heart of the matter, the way things feel." ----------Hettie Jones
"This is a warm and courageous book.....Katherine Arnoldi's open-hearted honesty is truly amazing."

----------Diane di Prima
"A beautiful, warm, scary, and true book....As funny as it is, it makes you wonder. As depressing as it is, it's an inspiration." ----------Beverly Donofrio

"Too bad for you if you don't take this book and stick it in your heart."

------Gordon Lish
"Katherine Arnoldi is God sent. Her pictorial memoir could become the type of tool no one can be without."
-------reg.E. gaines
"(Katherine Arnoldi's) book is bound to inspire other young women to do things they might have thought wre impossible for them to achieve. I certainly hope it does." ----Melissa Ludtke